Comprehensive Person-Centered Health Care

We are professionally trained, science-based health care providers who practice compassionate listening and personalized care. We help people reverse disease and optimize health by engaging these invaluable precepts:

First, do no harm

The healing power of nature

Identify and treat the cause

Treat the whole person

Doctor as Teacher


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Download Dr. Hunter's free essay elucidating The 12 Determinants of Health.

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Join a 14-day guided group juice detoxification program led by Dr. Hunter with meetings on Sept 29th, Oct 2nd, and Oct 6th.

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What our patients have to say

I appreciate the opportunity to look at treating my health from the inside out. Every time I meet with Dr. Hunter I receive an education. I love the learning!
— J.H.
Dr. Hunter is the most amazing doctor I have ever been exposed to. He has saved me emotionally and physically. Excited to continue my work with him to see where my life trajectory goes.
— C.A.
I’m so thankful for Dr. Hunter’s comprehensive approach—body, mind, and spirit—to healing and health. And, of course, the VERY PERSONAL care and loving, caring staff.
— P.D.